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We are a wonderful real estate company whose duty is to address the peculiar property and real estate needs of customers. If you want an amazing and hassle free experience, you should visit us today and you won't regret hiring our services.

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We are committed to promoting transparency between trusted estate agents and people looking for properties to ensure that our customers can find what they need without ever worrying about frauds or swindlers in real estate.


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We work to provide solutions to problems that both real estate agents and property searchers face, giving the right answers to troubling questions that complicate the real estate industry in Nigeria



We maintain a high level of excellence in our operations, ensuring that our search systems function optimally, giving the best and most efficient search experience for people looking for properties and homes.

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We provide world class services in the area of our core competencies that leaves our clients happy and thoroughly satisfied.

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Our role at Citi Gold Resources Ltd is to bring to our prospects, clients/customers a secured property (land and houses) free from all encumbrances both government and Omonile, irrespective of their income level, social class and taste.

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World class services in the area of our core competencies


After working with Citi Gold to sell my property in 2020, I was convinced that he’s the only realtor I’ll ever need. Since then, I’ve bought two properties.
by Roy Bennett
Manager, Company Inc.
Citi Gold Resources Ltd is an outstanding real estate company to work with. They are skilled listener and negotiator, with very in-depth knowledge of the local markets.
by Kenya Soval
Realtor, Company Inc.
I would highly recommend Citi Gold Resources Ltd. They gave us many helpful suggestions on how to update our home. We followed many of there ideas and our home looked amazing
by Kathleen Peterson
Manager, Company Inc.

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